10 Best Roofing Companies in Scarborough

roofing companies scarborough

Scarborough occupies the eastern heartland of Toronto and is known for its breathtaking natural scenery. The region is known for many other things ranging from Skipping Day to Beach Chalets.

Aside from the natural endowments, Scarborough is also one of Toronto regions that has some of the best roofers. 

In this article, we will show you the 10 major and best roofing companies in Scarborough and some of their areas of expertise.

Top Roofing Companies in Scarborough

1. Guildwood Roofing

When it comes to evaluating the expertise of a company, their years of experience are one of the major factors to be considered. Guildwood Roofing beats the record of so many other roofing companies in the region because of their 15 years of experience in the Scarborough roofing industry.

As a tested and trusted local roofing company, they have proven their mettle in different areas including commercial and residential roofing. They are also an expert in roof maintenance and repairs, that is if you don’t want them to overhaul your entire roofing.

While you need their roofing services in your Scarborough home, they are not restricted to that region only. They also offer extensive roofing services in many other Canadian cities including Markham, Newmarket, Halton Region, Peel, York, Oshawa, the City of Toronto, Uxbridge, Burlington, and Durham.

  • Website: http://www.guildwoodroofing.com
  • Email: info@guildwoodroofing.com
  • Phone: +14165647388
  • Address: 55 Torbay Road, Unit 14, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1G7

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2. AccuSeal Roofing Limited

AccuSeal Roofing Limited offers a variety of roofing services. 

Established in 1989, the company has become one of the most patronized roofing companies not only in Scarborough but also in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

It will interest you to know that they are specialists in commercial, industrial, and residential flat roofing. And if you need them to handle complete flat roof replacements or emergency flat roof repairs, they are equal to the task.

You want to hire them not just because of their decades of experience but also because of their Unique Selling Points (USP). Their competitive pricing offers you the best quality roofing solutions at low costs. And their leak-free guaranteed protection makes you trust them more because they want the best for your roof.

  • Website: https://www.accusealroofing.com
  • Email: info@accusealroofing.com
  • Phone: +14166992007
  • Address: 47 Raleigh Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario, M1K 1A1

3. C-Star Roofing

This is a professional roofing company that specializes in reroofing and installation of skylights and new roofing systems. They also handle a dozen other roofing solutions ranging from installation of eavestroughs to vinyl sidings and soffits.

You are confident that your roof will not only wear a new look but also be protected for a long time. The 100% satisfaction guarantee and up to 10 years of labour warranty offered by C-Star Roofing make their services enticing.

The company proudly provides their roofing services to both commercial and residential buildings. They are also open to providing roofing maintenance services to the aforementioned structures.  

  • Website: http://www.cstarroofing.com
  • Email: info@cstarroofing.com
  • Phone: +14168392782
  • Address: 450 Comstock Road, Scarborough, Ontario, M1L 2H4, Unit 5

4. Master Roof Repair

It takes a roofing company that worths its onion to declare itself ‘’Master.’’ Master Roof Repair is one of the reputable and expatriate roofing companies in Scarborough.

They are your one-stop hub for quality residential and commercial roof repairs and replacements. Their costs are also affordable, making it a lot easier for you to resolve any kind of roofing problems you may have in your home.

Their roofing services include but are not limited to temporary roofing solutions, flat roof repairs and coating, roof flashing repairs, skylight repairs & replacements, roofing assessment & damage repairs, gutters & eavestroughs, attic ventilation services, and insulation & barrier repairs.

  • Website: https://www.masterroofrepair.ca
  • Phone: +19054623033
  • Address: 15 Wisteria Road, Scarborough, Ontario, M1R 4X7, Canada

5. 3S Roofing

3S Roofing wants to be that expert roofing company you will rely on at all times to improve your existing roofing systems or install new ones.

The company has over 10 years of experience in the Scarborough roofing industry and is committed to providing the best customer support.

Their roofing services include chimney repair, full roof replacement, skylight installation, roof shingle repair, roof leak repair, leaf guards, soffit, and eaves.

  • Website: https://www.roofing3s.ca
  • Email: roofingrio@gmail.com
  • Phone: +16479379687
  • Address: 80 Alton Tower Cir, Toronto, Ontario, M1V 5EG

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6. AZ Roofing

AZ Roofing is a family-run roofing company that provides advanced roofing solutions to both the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and the City of Toronto. With over 65 years of experience in the roofing industry, they are your best bet for different types of roofing solutions.

They specialize in residential, commercial, and flat roofing services. Their services include roof maintenance, slope roof installation, and roof repairs.

  • Website: https://www.azroofing.ca
  • Email: info@azroofing.ca
  • Phone: +141625500000
  • Address: 1085 Bellamy Road North, Unit 21, Toronto, Ontario, M1H 3C7

7. Roofers Scarborough

If there is any roofing company you must hire in Scarborough, it has to be Roofers Scarborough because they are one of the few roofing companies that focus on that region.

Despite their few years of experience, they have succeeded in creating awareness of their brand – leading to their hiring by reputable businesses, property owners, and renovators.

Their services are awesome, especially their flat roofing and shingle roofing solutions. They also offer leaky roof repair, emergency roof repair, roof vent service, metal roofing, and skylight service. It’s good to know that they use quality materials.

  • Website: https://www.roofersscarborough.com
  • Email: roofersscarborough@gmail.com
  • Phone +16479521918
  • Address: 2355 Warden Avenue, #30032, Scarborough, Ontario, M1T 0A1

8. Cherry & Clark Roofing Company

They specialize in roof installation and repairs in Scarborough and other major cities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Their roofing solutions include siding, shingles, residential roofing, duradek, and drone inspections.

  • Website: https://www.cherryandclarkroofing.ca
  • Phone: +19054039128
  • Address: 5310 Finch Avenue, E., Unit #32 Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, M1S 5E8

9. Metro Roofing

Metro Roofing is your local roofing company that offers quality and warranty-backed roofing solutions.

You can contact them for commercial roofing installation, flat roofing, and residential shingles.

  • Website: http://www.metroroofing.ca
  • Email: metroroofing@rogers.com
  • Phone: +14164175656
  • Address: 60 Fairfax Crescent, Unit 509, Scarborough, Ontario, M1L 0E1

10. Roof.To

This company provides the urban roofing solutions you need. Hire them and rest assured that the quality of roofing solutions you get give your Scarborough home all the facelift it can get.

Their roofing services include new roof installation, commercial roofing, roof repair, waterproofing, residential roofing, and roof replacement.

  • Website: https://www.roof.to
  • Email: dave@roof.to
  • Phone: +16478010837
  • Address: 189 Cedarvale Ave, East York, ON M4C 4K1, Canada


Finding the best roofing company in Scarborough to hire is now one of the easiest things to do because we’ve handpicked the top 10 companies you can trust with your roof repair, installation, and maintenance jobs.


10 Best Roofing Companies in Scarborough

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